Empowering People through Affordable Housing

How Do We Accomplish our Vision?

  • We Empower the People in our communities by providing clean, safe, affordable housing.
  • We Empower the People who invest with us by providing compelling risk-adjusted returns while intentionally and thoughtfully executing material capital improvements that lift each community higher.
  • We Empower the People within Parkstone by giving them a foundation for growth and opportunities to thrive.

These Are the Values That Drive Our Business

Act With Integrity

Through the things we say and do consistently, the residents of the communities we acquire get excited about the improvements we’re known to make.

Adapt & Evolve

We are not focused on being the best or the biggest; we are building our company to last.

Elevate Others

Our residents and teammates feel heard, and we create environments where risks are taken, failures are forgiven and successes are celebrated by all.

Enjoy The Journey

Success isn’t about crossing a finish line.  It’s a feeling.  It’s a knowing that we will never “get it done”, but together, we’re having fun along the way.


We are committed to investing in the long-term growth of our residents, employees, and properties. We make every decision with the idea that our choices will impact the next generation of owners and those in the community.