How to Become an Approved Vendor, Subcontractor, or Supplier

Vendor Onboarding Process


Parkstone Communities requires that all vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers enroll with us before engaging in business at any of our properties. Please review the checklist below and be prepared with the requested information.

What You’ll Need


  • Completed and signed W-9 tax form
  • Completed New Vendor Form

Options To Submit An Invoice

Option 1 (Preferred)


  • Email invoice to
  • Include PDF attachment under 5 MB
  • One invoice per PDF (emails can include multiple attachments)
  • Include any backup documentation within the invoice’s PDE
    (invoice must be page 1)

Option 2 (If Electronic Not Possible)


  • Submit via US Mail to:
    P.O. Box 37514
    Charlotte, NC 28237

Please Note: All invoices must have the vendor name, vendor remit address, description of service/product, invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, park’s name, address, and unit number (if applicable). All inquiries regarding the status of payment should be sent to